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About Us

"More than just a vehicle – for us Chic Cycle is an expression of everyone’s own creativity!"

We love the city and we love to discover it. But our discovery tours took too long! We searched for something simple, practical, without much effort to conquer the streets. At the same time we love to stand out of the mass and like it chic and individual. We wanted to have an idea everybody gets involved and has an active role in the Design process. The business-idea Cycle Chic was born!

Since 2011, our Cycle Chic team is working on this idea, develops and refines it - to the satisfaction of our customers. Bicycle couriers tested our bikes and were delighted with the maneuverability, speed and simplicity. We are happy to share this enthusiasm already with many more customers. In response to the great demand, we offer now chic e-bikes in bright colors.

Practical: Your Chic Cycle can be delivered from the internet practically to your front door. The bike has no gears which simplifies the. Your Chic Cycle is the perfect transportation to conquer your city!

Creative: Design now your individual bike with your personal touch. Get attention and stand out of the mass. You choose the color of the frame, the saddle, wheels, the tires, and the handlebars - even the color of the chain! With us, your bike becomes a fashion accessory.

Online: You're just a few clicks away from your dream bike! You can choose every detail in our online shop. Try your ideas and bring your creativity to life - our online shop makes it possible. Design your own individual Chic Cycle Bike!

Your Chic Cycles is as unique as you are!

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